For a number of years the primary mission of this site was to introduce visitors to viable Internet businesses.

Introduction to viable Internet businesses is now a part of the primary mission. The new revised mission has a deeper focus on the types of services, products and businesses available to help people with their new and existing very small businesses on the Internet.


Not just any types of business, but more specifically Internet businesses that are available for people and businesses to look at and consider as options for doing business on the Internet.

Internet businesses that are reliable, have longevity and the capability to provide long term residual income.

Very small business, online or offline, is technically just one market that primarily serves and supports people needing business products and services.


Those products and services may be considered as sub-prime, niche markets or micro-markets that serve and support business as a whole, but in part may very well serve to be a stand alone very small business.


Professionally, I like to keep my business options open and as flexible as possible because that is what seems to work best for me and my own very small business.


That is also the same philosophy I use when presenting business options to businesses and site visitors interested in building an online business presence. I strive to provide quality information, resources, products and services, whether it is for big business, small business or very small business!

Finding and using reliable resources for help, marketing and advertising your business on or off the Internet is extremely important, especially in today’s economy.


Some of the ways I know how to help you market and advertise your business is to let you know what I do in my business.

And then show you what I have done for my business, other businesses and present you with options for your own business, as well.


After I tell you what I do and show you what I do,  you just need to make a decision on whether I can help you, then contact me and let me decide if I can help you, too! It’s just that simple!

You can find information about me and my online activities at my name site, listed below!

Almost all of the information related to affiliate businesses that interest me were at my name site under reviews! I have since removed that review information and am preparing a separate site to republish that information, so I can keep it separate from this site and my name site!


This Site’s Primary Mission is to find and help very small business owner’s and people interested in starting a very small online business or personal site and/or supplementing any current personal site or very small online business site.


Hopefully you find something interesting to start and stay involved with your first Internet business or enhance your current business.

Thanks for visiting and much success with your business,

Salvatore Zingale – Site Owner/Admin


For Support, contact me at my name site!


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